mirror of the official home-assistant code base

Updated 2 hours ago

Updated 6 hours ago

Updated 10 hours ago

mirror of https://github.com/esphome/esphome

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 1 day ago

Gentoo Overlay: Home Assistant on Gentoo Linux without virtualenv or docker.

Updated 2 days ago

ghettoVCB, mirror of https://github.com/lamw/ghettoVCB.git

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 1 week ago

A clone of the SourceForge fwbuilder repostiory

Updated 2 weeks ago

Ebuilds for Icinga2

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 1 month ago

My cheatsheets

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 5 months ago

Clone from kdschlosser/samsungctl

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 6 years ago