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Repository mirror & CI 310a49207e
2022-05-23 07:48:01 UTC
7 hours ago
acct-group acct-group/nginx: update EAPI 7->8 1 week ago
acct-user acct-user/ejabberd: add 1 6 days ago
app-accessibility app-accessibility/orca: Version bump to 42.1 6 days ago
app-admin app-admin/webalizer: add -fcommon 14 hours ago
app-arch app-arch/lzip: keyword 1.23 for ~loong 4 days ago
app-backup app-backup/duplicity: drop 0.8.21 2 days ago
app-benchmarks app-benchmarks/geekbench: add 5.4.5 5 days ago
app-cdr app-cdr/isoimagewriter: Fix build with dev-qt/qtnetwork[-ssl] 5 days ago
app-containers app-containers/snapd: drop 2.55.5 17 hours ago
app-crypt app-crypt/acme-sh: add selinux USE flag 2 days ago
app-dicts app-dicts/sword-UrduGeoRoman: add 1.4, drop 1.3 3 days ago
app-doc app-doc/xmltoman: keyword 0.4-r1 for ~loong 4 days ago
app-editors app-editors/vscodium: drop 1.67.1 4 days ago
app-emacs app-emacs/esup: new package; add version 0.7.1_p20220203 15 hours ago
app-emulation app-emulation/winetricks: x86 stable wrt bug #846995 8 hours ago
app-eselect app-eselect/eselect-postgresql: keyword 2.4 for ~loong 4 days ago
app-forensics app-forensics/lynis: drop 3.0.7-r1 5 days ago
app-i18n app-i18n/ibus: keyword 1.5.26-r1 for ~loong 4 days ago
app-laptop app-laptop/ibam: use BDEPEND 1 week ago
app-metrics app-metrics/alertmanager: drop 0.21.0-r3, 0.22.2, 0.23.0 5 days ago
app-misc app-misc/binwalk: drop 2.2.0, 2.3.1 1 day ago
app-mobilephone app-mobilephone/gammu: remove global bluetooth use flag description 5 days ago
app-office app-office/kalendar: Add missing RDEPEND 5 days ago
app-portage app-portage/elogv: drop 0.7.8-r3 22 hours ago
app-shells app-shells/nushell: Use Rust 1.60 to avoid nightly 23 hours ago
app-text app-text/txt2tags: Keyword 3.7 arm64, #845210 3 days ago
app-vim app-vim/gtk-syntax: mark ALLARCHES 6 days ago
app-xemacs app-xemacs/ebuild-mode: Remove intermediate version 2 days ago
dev-cpp dev-cpp/asio: sparc stable wrt bug #847022 8 hours ago
dev-db dev-db/postgresql: Support python 3.11 8 hours ago
dev-dotnet dev-dotnet/dotnet-sdk-bin: bump to 6.0.300 2 weeks ago
dev-embedded dev-embedded/xa: Stabilize 2.3.13 x86, #844949 7 days ago
dev-erlang dev-erlang/esip: fix compilation 5 days ago
dev-games dev-games/simgear: fix IncorrectCopyright 1 week ago
dev-go dev-go/coveraggregator: treeclean 6 days ago
dev-java dev-java/openjdk-jre-bin: Stabilize 8.332_p09 amd64, #846983 18 hours ago
dev-lang dev-lang/spidermonkey: Stabilize 91.9.1 x86, #847028 7 hours ago
dev-libs dev-libs/tree-sitter-bash: Keyword 0.19.0 s390, #844223 19 hours ago
dev-lisp dev-lisp/alexandria: remove unused patch(es) 1 week ago
dev-lua dev-lua/readline: drop 3.0-r1 2 days ago
dev-ml dev-ml/utop: bump to 2.9.1 2 days ago
dev-perl dev-perl/JSON: keyword 4.30.0 for ~loong 4 days ago
dev-php dev-php/smarty: add upstream v4.1.1 with a fix for CVE-2022-29221. 6 days ago
dev-python dev-python/vdirsyncer: Enable py3.11 7 hours ago
dev-qt dev-qt/qthelp: add missing patch 3 days ago
dev-ruby dev-ruby/prime: initial import of 0.1.2 9 hours ago
dev-scheme dev-scheme/guile-reader: drop useless static-libs USE flag 6 days ago
dev-tcltk dev-tcltk/tls: keyword 1.7.22 for ~loong 6 days ago
dev-tex dev-tex/dot2tex: add Python 3.10, tests 1 day ago
dev-texlive dev-texlive/texlive-latexrecommended: keyword 2021 for ~loong 1 week ago
dev-util dev-util/clazy: stabilize 1.11-r1 for x86 18 hours ago
dev-vcs dev-vcs/git-pw: update EAPI 7 -> 8, python3.10 support 1 day ago
eclass toolchain.eclass: introduce TOOLCHAIN_PATCH_SUFFIX 20 hours ago
games-action games-action/nighthawk: fix missing quotes 4 days ago
games-board games-board/pysolfc: add 2.16.0 2 weeks ago
games-emulation games-emulation/melonds: remove teakra patch from the live version 2 days ago
games-kids games-kids/gmult: fix build with meson-0.62.1 2 weeks ago
games-misc games-misc/usolitaire: PEP517 6 days ago
games-puzzle games-puzzle/nudoku: update EAPI 7 -> 8 1 week ago
games-roguelike games-roguelike/stone-soup: add 0.29 pre-release 5/22/22 14 hours ago
games-server games-server/bedrock-server: drop 1 week ago
games-simulation games-simulation/EmptyEpsilon: fix compilation with gcc 12 20 hours ago
games-strategy games-strategy/wesnoth: [QA] drop (very) stale GCC version checks 6 days ago
games-util games-util/joystick: add 1.8.1 2 days ago
gnome-base gnome-base/dconf: keyword 0.40.0 for ~loong 4 days ago
gnome-extra gnome-extra/nemo: (add a note about the disabled tracker) 2 days ago
gui-apps gui-apps/wl-clipboard: 2.0.0 cleanup 2 days ago
gui-libs gui-libs/display-manager-init: r4 revbump with multiple fixes. 1 day ago
gui-wm gui-wm/sway: [QA] drop implicit -Dwerror=false for meson ebuilds 6 days ago
kde-apps kde-apps/kcalutils: remove unused patch(es) 5 days ago
kde-frameworks kde-frameworks/extra-cmake-modules: keyword 5.94.0 for ~loong 4 days ago
kde-misc kde-misc/markdownpart: drop 22.04.0* 1 week ago
kde-plasma kde-plasma/plasma-workspace: Drop 5.24.5 (r0) 5 days ago
lxqt-base lxqt-base/lxqt-meta: add version 1.1.0 1 week ago
mail-client mail-client/thunderbird: stabilize 91.9.1 for amd64 1 day ago
mail-filter mail-filter/rspamd: add selinux USE flag 2 days ago
mail-mta mail-mta/ssmtp: Keyword 2.64-r4 riscv, #843959 1 week ago
mate-base mate-base/caja: add 1.26.0 1 week ago
mate-extra mate-extra/mate-polkit: add 1.26.0 1 week ago
media-fonts media-fonts/baekmuk-fonts: keyword 2.2-r2 for ~loong 6 days ago
media-gfx media-gfx/ttfautohint: fix harfbuzz dependency 8 hours ago
media-libs media-libs/openjpeg: add link to upstream PR for patch 17 hours ago
media-plugins media-plugins/alsa-plugins: keyword 1.2.6 for ~loong 4 days ago
media-radio media-radio/tqsl: drop 2.5.1, 2.5.9 2 days ago
media-sound media-sound/qmmp: Explain "xmp" USE flag 1 day ago
media-video media-video/vlc: drop 23 hours ago
metadata 2022-05-23 07:48:01 UTC 7 hours ago
net-analyzer net-analyzer/netperf: update EAPI 7 -> 8 14 hours ago
net-dialup net-dialup/mgetty: keyword 1.2.1-r4 for ~riscv 5 days ago
net-dns net-dns/knot: drop 3.1.4 21 hours ago
net-firewall net-firewall/nftables: Stabilize 1.0.2-r1 hppa, #846866 1 day ago
net-fs net-fs/btfs: add 2.24 1 day ago
net-im net-im/gajim: Version bump 19 hours ago
net-irc net-irc/irssi: keyword 1.2.3 for ~loong 4 days ago
net-libs net-libs/toxext: CLANG -> clang 1 day ago
net-mail net-mail/mu: drop 1.7.12, 1.7.13 8 hours ago
net-misc net-misc/megatools: add 1.11.0 22 hours ago
net-nds net-nds/openldap: egrep -> grep -E 1 week ago
net-p2p net-p2p/transmission: drop dependency on dbus-glib 6 days ago
net-print net-print/cups: Cleanup metadata.xml 1 day ago
net-proxy net-proxy/mitmproxy: add 8.1.0 2 days ago
net-voip net-voip/telepathy-salut: enable py3.10 and disable py3.7 3 days ago
net-vpn net-vpn/networkmanager-strongswan: add 1.6.0 15 hours ago
net-wireless net-wireless/gnome-bluetooth: enable py3.10 and disable py3.7 3 days ago
profiles 2022-05-23 00:18:09 UTC 14 hours ago
sci-astronomy sci-astronomy/stellarium: Stabilize 0.22.1 amd64, #847019 8 hours ago
sci-biology sci-biology/seqan: [QA] use tc-check-openmp correctly 1 week ago
sci-chemistry sci-chemistry/pymol: Fix desktop file, LICENSE and restrict values 1 day ago
sci-electronics sci-electronics/ngspice: [QA] use tc-check-openmp correctly 1 week ago
sci-geosciences sci-geosciences/grass: Stabilize 8.0.1-r1 x86, #846902 18 hours ago
sci-libs sci-libs/trilinos: ebuild maintenance 11 hours ago
sci-mathematics sci-mathematics/dunshire: new revision with python-3.10 support. 5 days ago
sci-misc sci-misc/jupyterlab-desktop-bin: update LICENSE 4 days ago
sci-physics sci-physics/bullet: update maintainers 6 days ago
sci-visualization sci-visualization/labplot: drop 2.8.2 5 days ago
sec-keys sec-keys/openpgp-keys-evenrouault: update EAPI 7 -> 8 3 days ago
sys-apps sys-apps/findutils: Stabilize 4.9.0 hppa, #846860 1 day ago
sys-auth sys-auth/ssh-ldap-pubkey: destabilize 1.4.0 for ~amd64, ~x86 1 day ago
sys-block sys-block/libzbc: keyword 5.9.0 for ~loong 4 days ago
sys-boot sys-boot/efibootmgr: keyword 17 for ~loong 4 days ago
sys-cluster sys-cluster/ceph: add 16.2.9, drop 16.2.8 4 days ago
sys-devel sys-devel/gcc: unkeyword 9.4.1_p20220520 15 hours ago
sys-firmware sys-firmware/nvidia-firmware: Python 3.10 support, bug 846323 4 days ago
sys-fs sys-fs/lxcfs: Keyword 4.0.12 arm64, #846779 1 day ago
sys-kernel sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: add 5.18.0 and genpatches 7 hours ago
sys-libs sys-libs/gdbm: Stabilize 1.23 hppa, #846833 1 day ago
sys-power sys-power/bbswitch: Stabilize 0.8_p20211129 x86, #847001 18 hours ago
sys-process sys-process/htop: Added live ebuild 2 days ago
virtual virtual/perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker: Add 5.36 version 17 hours ago
www-apache www-apache/passenger: remove unused patch 1 week ago
www-apps www-apps/nextcloud: Removed old 2 days ago
www-client www-client/falkon: Drop 3.1.0-r1 19 hours ago
www-plugins www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins: automated update (103.0.5060.13_alpha) 3 days ago
www-servers www-servers/gunicorn: Enable py3.11 5 days ago
x11-apps x11-apps/igt-gpu-tools: Fix libunwind dependency 1 week ago
x11-base x11-base/xwayland: forward ~loong 6 days ago
x11-drivers x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers: sync minor nitpick in 390 branch 3 days ago
x11-libs x11-libs/vte: keyword 0.68.0 for ~loong 4 days ago
x11-misc x11-misc/redshift: Migrate from gnome2-utils to xdg-utils 19 hours ago
x11-plugins x11-plugins/vicious: keyword 2.5.1 for ~riscv 6 days ago
x11-terms x11-terms/xfce4-terminal: Bump to 1.0.4 22 hours ago
x11-themes x11-themes/papirus-icon-theme: add 20220508 5 days ago
x11-wm x11-wm/windowmaker: Stabilize 0.95.9-r2 ppc64, #846986 20 hours ago
xfce-base xfce-base/xfce4-panel: Bump to 4.17.1 9 hours ago