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Repository mirror & CI 26c589b619
2022-10-04 00:47:23 UTC
6 hours ago
acct-group acct-group/owntracks: New group for sci-geosciences/owntracks-recorder 1 week ago
acct-user acct-user/owntracks: New user for sci-geosciences/owntracks-recorder 1 week ago
app-accessibility app-accessibility/at-spi2-atk: Version bump to 2.46.0 1 day ago
app-admin app-admin/tmpreaper: drop 1.6.16 8 hours ago
app-arch app-arch/stormlib: Bump to 9.24 11 hours ago
app-backup app-backup/duply: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
app-benchmarks app-benchmarks/stress-ng: drop 0.14.05 2 days ago
app-cdr app-cdr/kcdemu: use PV in SRC_URI 2 weeks ago
app-containers app-containers/docker-compose: fix installation 4 days ago
app-crypt app-crypt/dehydrated: drop 0.7.0 1 day ago
app-dicts app-dicts/eblook: add 1.6.1_p16 (Debian fork, fixes build w/ Clang 16+) 1 day ago
app-doc app-doc/eclass-manpages: drop 20220417, 20220716, 20220725 1 week ago
app-editors app-editors/emacs: Drop NATIVE_FULL_AOT workaround with USE=jit 18 hours ago
app-emacs app-emacs/popup: bump to 0.5.9 3 days ago
app-emulation app-emulation/diskimage-builder: drop 3.22.0, 3.23.0, 3.23.1 1 day ago
app-eselect app-eselect/eselect-python: use HTTPS for EGIT_REPO_URI 3 days ago
app-forensics app-forensics/yara: Stabilize 4.2.3 x86, #873226 6 days ago
app-i18n app-i18n/kinput2: force gcc -E for imake's generation 4 days ago
app-metrics app-metrics/prometheus: fix keywords 2 weeks ago
app-misc app-misc/wally-cli: add missed libusb dependency 2 days ago
app-office app-office/abiword: Depend on libchamplain[gtk] 2 days ago
app-portage app-portage/layman: drop Python 3.7 3 days ago
app-shells app-shells/tcsh-6.24.01-r1: bump config for egrep fixes 2 days ago
app-text app-text/wv: prevent suppression of POSIX decls 21 hours ago
app-vim app-vim/pydoc: EAPI=8, enable py3.11 3 days ago
dev-ada dev-ada/libadalang-tools: add gcc_12_2_0 11 hours ago
dev-cpp dev-cpp/rapidfuzz-cpp: Bump to 1.8.0 11 hours ago
dev-db dev-db/postgresql: add 15_rc1, drop 15_beta4 3 days ago
dev-dotnet dev-dotnet/dotnet-sdk-bin: drop old 5.0.407-r1 2 weeks ago
dev-embedded dev-embedded/platformio: remove unused patch(es) 2 days ago
dev-erlang dev-erlang/ezlib: drop 1.0.10 2 weeks ago
dev-games dev-games/godot: add 4.0_beta2 4 days ago
dev-go dev-go/gox: Keyword 1.0.1 ppc64, #869239 3 weeks ago
dev-haskell dev-haskell/foldl: drop 1.4.12 3 days ago
dev-java dev-java/snakeyaml: drop 1.31 23 hours ago
dev-lang dev-lang/boogie: new package; add version 2.15.8 9 hours ago
dev-libs dev-libs/libclc: Remove 16.0.0_pre20220918 18 hours ago
dev-lisp dev-lisp/sbcl: remove old versions 3 days ago
dev-lua dev-lua/luaexpat: drop 1.4.1 2 days ago
dev-ml dev-ml/llvm-ocaml: Remove 16.0.0_pre20220918 18 hours ago
dev-perl dev-perl/Bio-Graphics: fix license 1 day ago
dev-php dev-php/theseer-Autoload: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
dev-python dev-python/qtconsole: Stabilize 5.3.2 ALLARCHES, #874153 9 hours ago
dev-qt dev-qt/qtwebsockets: drop 6.3.1 1 week ago
dev-ros Rename {www-servers → dev-python}/tornado 1 week ago
dev-ruby dev-ruby/exifr: add 1.3.10 1 day ago
dev-scheme dev-scheme/owl-lisp: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
dev-tcltk dev-tcltk/tklib: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
dev-util dev-util/maturin: drop ~arm from >=0.13.3 8 hours ago
dev-vcs dev-vcs/git: add 2.38.0, drop 2.38.0_rc2 7 hours ago
eclass java-pkg-simple.eclass: improve test selection for multi-jar packages 1 day ago
games-action games-action/polymc: add tomlplusplus as a git submodule 22 hours ago
games-arcade games-arcade/slimevolley: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
games-board games-board/stockfish: Stabilize 15-r1 x86, #873454 4 days ago
games-emulation games-emulation/pcsx2: update live 1 day ago
games-engines games-engines/qtads: drop 3.2.0-r1, 3.3.0 1 week ago
games-fps games-fps/yamagi-quake2: adjust opengl/gles deps 12 hours ago
games-misc games-misc/xcruiser: force gcc -E for imake's generation 4 days ago
games-mud games-mud/tf: fix implicit function decls. (Clang 16+) 1 day ago
games-puzzle games-puzzle/gnurobbo: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
games-roguelike games-roguelike/stone-soup: request deprecated lua-5.1 API 2 weeks ago
games-rpg games-rpg/rpg-cli: drop 1.0.0 7 days ago
games-server games-server/bedrock-server: drop, 1 week ago
games-simulation games-simulation/openrct2: drop 0.4.0 2 days ago
games-strategy games-strategy/seven-kingdoms: stabilize 2.15.5 for amd64, x86 1 week ago
games-util games-util/gamemode: Drop old 1.6.1 2 days ago
gnome-base gnome-base/gnome-session: Version bump to 43.0 2 days ago
gnome-extra gnome-extra/gnome-clocks: Version bump to 43.0 14 hours ago
gui-libs gui-libs/wlroots: sync -9999 17 hours ago
gui-wm gui-wm/gamescope: Bump to, drop old 3.11.43 2 weeks ago
java-virtuals java-virtuals/servlet-api: remove unused slot 2.3, drop 2.3-r1 2 weeks ago
kde-apps kde-apps/kalgebra: Replace -Os with -O2 3 weeks ago
kde-frameworks kde-frameworks/kwayland: drop 5.98.0 1 week ago
kde-misc kde-misc/krename: Stabilize 5.0.2 amd64, #873448 3 days ago
kde-plasma kde-plasma/plasma-workspace: Fix user KCM unable to change user password 22 hours ago
licenses licenses: Add coldspringharbor for dev-perl/Bio-Das and others 1 day ago
mail-client mail-client/thunderbird: drop 102.3.0 17 hours ago
mail-filter mail-filter/milter-regex: fix build w/ Clang 16 3 days ago
mail-mta mail-mta/msmtp: drop 1.8.20 1 week ago
media-fonts media-fonts/ahem: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
media-gfx media-gfx/inkscape: hard-disable jemalloc 15 hours ago
media-libs media-libs/libsdl2: Drop old 2.0.20-r1, 2.0.22, 2.24.0, 2.24.0-r1 10 hours ago
media-plugins media-plugins/mda-lv2: updated SRC_URI to https 2 days ago
media-radio media-radio/ibp: fix build with clang16 4 days ago
media-sound media-sound/mpd: Stabilize 0.23.9-r1 ppc, #867619 16 hours ago
media-tv media-tv/ivtv-utils: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
media-video media-video/makemkv: Broken with glibc 2.36 so prevent upgraded 1 day ago
metadata 2022-10-04 00:47:23 UTC 6 hours ago
net-analyzer net-analyzer/zabbix: Stabilize 6.2.2 x86, #873778 3 days ago
net-dialup net-dialup/picocom: Keyword 3.1 ia64, #873727 3 days ago
net-dns net-dns/ddclient: add 3.10.0_rc2 2 days ago
net-firewall net-firewall/iptables: remove unused file 2 days ago
net-fs net-fs/sshfs: Keyword 3.7.3 ia64, #873730 3 days ago
net-ftp net-ftp/atftp: update EAPI 7 -> 8, drop BDEPEND, add fix for 2 days ago
net-im net-im/telegram-desktop: Drop broken 8 hours ago
net-irc net-irc/znc-clientbuffer: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
net-libs net-libs/libpcap: remove unused patch 2 days ago
net-mail net-mail/notmuch: don't install removed nmbug 3 days ago
net-misc net-misc/memcached: drop 1.6.10, 1.6.13, 1.6.14-r1 1 day ago
net-nds net-nds/gssproxy: drop 0.8.4-r2 2 weeks ago
net-news net-news/rssguard: add 4.2.5 12 hours ago
net-nntp net-nntp/nzbget: Keyword 21.1-r2 arm64, #872515 1 week ago
net-p2p net-p2p/rtorrent: remove unused files 2 days ago
net-print net-print/cups-pk-helper: Stabilize 0.2.7 ppc64, #868606 6 days ago
net-proxy net-proxy/haproxy-dataplaneapi: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
net-voip net-voip/murmur: add 1.4.287 2 weeks ago
net-vpn net-vpn/networkmanager-openconnect: Depend on app-crypt/gcr:0 3 days ago
net-wireless net-wireless/sdrplay: minor qa fix 5 days ago
profiles Merge updates from master 6 hours ago
sci-astronomy sci-astronomy/siril: Fix building on musl, missing execinfo.h 3 days ago
sci-biology sci-biology/treeviewx: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
sci-calculators sci-calculators/hexcalc: force gcc -E for imake's generation 4 days ago
sci-chemistry sci-chemistry/chemex: Use PEP517 build 2 weeks ago
sci-electronics sci-electronics/xnec2c: add 4.4.12 1 week ago
sci-geosciences sci-geosciences/gpxsee: remove old version 3 days ago
sci-libs sci-libs/armadillo: add 11.4.0 13 hours ago
sci-mathematics sci-mathematics/coq-serapi: bump to 0.16.0 2 days ago
sci-misc sci-misc/cdfplayer: use PV in SRC_URI 2 weeks ago
sci-physics sci-physics/root: version bump to 6.26.06 2 weeks ago
sci-visualization sci-visualization/tensorboard: add 2.10.0 2 weeks ago
sec-keys sec-keys/openpgp-keys-foxboron: stabilize 20220802 for amd64 2 days ago
sys-apps sys-apps/portage: drop 3.0.36, 3.0.38 6 hours ago
sys-auth sys-auth/pam-pgsql: fix build with Clang 16 1 day ago
sys-block sys-block/tgt: drop 1.0.79-r1, 1.0.80-r1, 1.0.82 1 day ago
sys-boot sys-boot/grub: remove unused patches 5 days ago
sys-cluster sys-cluster/torque: use variable for snapshot commit 3 days ago
sys-devel sys-devel/clang: Remove duplicate PDEP on clang-common 14 hours ago
sys-firmware sys-firmware/edk2-ovmf: drop 202105-r1 1 week ago
sys-fs sys-fs/exfatprogs: Stabilize 1.1.3 ppc, #874030 22 hours ago
sys-kernel sys-kernel/installkernel-systemd-boot: allow sys-apps/systemd-utils[boot] 7 hours ago
sys-libs sys-libs/compiler-rt: Remove 16.0.0_pre20220918 18 hours ago
sys-power sys-power/iasl: Keyword 20200717 ia64, #873742 3 days ago
sys-process sys-process/numad: fix StaticSrcUri 3 days ago
virtual virtual/httpd-php: Add 8.2 slot 4 days ago
www-apache www-apache/mod_h2: drop versions 4 days ago
www-apps www-apps/mediawiki: Stabilize 1.38.4 ALLARCHES, #873775 3 days ago
www-client Revert "www-client/firefox: enable wayland+pgo build on rapid" 14 hours ago
www-plugins www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins: automated update (108.0.5327.0_alpha) 4 days ago
www-servers www-servers/tomcat: bump to 10.0.26 6 days ago
x11-apps x11-apps/fslsfonts: Version bump to 1.0.6 1 week ago
x11-base x11-base/xorg-server: Drop unused USE flags 5 days ago
x11-drivers x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers: prepare for atk migration 1 day ago
x11-libs x11-libs/pango: Version bump to 1.50.11 8 hours ago
x11-misc x11-misc/xsnow: add 3.5.3 12 hours ago
x11-plugins x11-plugins/wmudmount: Depend on app-crypt/gcr:0 3 days ago
x11-terms x11-terms/root-tail: force gcc -E for imake's generation 4 days ago
x11-themes x11-themes/adwaita-icon-theme: add 43_p1 2 days ago
x11-wm x11-wm/bspwm: add myself as a maintainer 9 hours ago
xfce-base xfce-base/xfce4-session: Bump to 4.17.0 3 weeks ago
xfce-extra xfce-extra/xfce4-places-plugin: Bump to 1.8.2 2 weeks ago