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Repository mirror & CI 55a2d28d2c
2020-11-26 07:05:32 UTC
5 hours ago
acct-group acct-group/ipsec: fix typo 1 week ago
acct-user acct-user/ipsec: new user for net-vpn/strongswan, UID 199 1 week ago
app-accessibility app-accessibility/kontrast: Stabilize 1.0.2 arm64, #753242 19 hours ago
app-admin app-admin/rsyslog: Stabilize 8.2008.0 amd64, #746611 6 hours ago
app-antivirus app-antivirus/clamtk: drop old version 2 weeks ago
app-arch app-arch/lxqt-archiver: add version 0.3.0 3 days ago
app-backup app-backup/duplicity: bump 1 day ago
app-benchmarks app-benchmarks/sysbench: migrate to lua-single eclass 3 days ago
app-cdr app-cdr/kcdemu: Drop 0.7.3 18 hours ago
app-crypt app-crypt/veracrypt: remove old 9 hours ago
app-dicts app-dicts/libydpdict: disable static libs 1 week ago
app-doc app-doc/gnucash-docs: Cleanup 5 days ago
app-editors app-editors/emacs: Test for mailutils flag in src_install. 1 day ago
app-emacs app-emacs/yaml-mode: add 0.0.15 4 days ago
app-emulation app-emulation/lxc: remove old 4.0.4 23 hours ago
app-eselect app-eselect/eselect-lua: remove unused file 1 week ago
app-forensics app-forensics/sleuthkit: fix failure due to non-existing ivy home #756766 8 hours ago
app-i18n app-i18n/transifex-client: remove old version 1 day ago
app-laptop app-laptop/tpacpi-bat: remove unused files 2 weeks ago
app-metrics app-metrics/process-exporter: Bump to version 0.7.5 1 week ago
app-misc app-misc/pwsafe: x86 stable wrt bug #756400 23 hours ago
app-mobilephone app-mobilephone/smstools: remove unused patches 1 week ago
app-office app-office/libalkimia: Drop 8.0.3 18 hours ago
app-officeext app-officeext/texmaths: Version bump 2 weeks ago
app-pda app-pda/usbmuxd: drop old EAPI=5 2 months ago
app-portage app-portage/portage-utils: sparc stable wrt bug #753485 1 day ago
app-shells app-shells/tcsh: x86 stable wrt bug #756097 2 days ago
app-text app-text/ansifilter: Stabilize 2.17 arm, #756304 6 hours ago
app-vim app-vim/vimoutliner: drop ~mips keywords 4 days ago
app-xemacs app-xemacs/ebuild-mode: amd64 stable (ALLARCHES policy) wrt bug #738680 2 months ago
dev-ada dev-ada/gnat-suite-bin: Remove old version 3 months ago
dev-cpp dev-cpp/prometheus-cpp: Version bump to 0.11.0 1 day ago
dev-db dev-db/pgrouting: Use HTTPS for homepage 9 hours ago
dev-dotnet dev-dotnet/log4net: Remove last-rited package 3 days ago
dev-embedded dev-embedded/rpi-eeprom: post-merge changes 7 hours ago
dev-erlang dev-erlang/fast_yaml: Remove unused patch 2 weeks ago
dev-games dev-games/freecell-solver: Drop 5.24.0 18 hours ago
dev-go dev-go/go-bindata: update upstream remote id 1 week ago
dev-haskell dev-haskell/conduit: drop old 12 hours ago
dev-java dev-java/tomcat-servlet-api: bump to 7.0.107 + switch to java-pkg-simple 1 day ago
dev-lang dev-lang/rust-bin: x86 stable (bug #756769) 11 hours ago
dev-libs dev-libs/librelp: Stabilize 1.7.0 amd64, #746611 6 hours ago
dev-lisp dev-lisp/ecls: use dev-libs/libffi instead of virtual/libffi 1 week ago
dev-lua dev-lua/penlight: x86 stable (bug #756124) 1 day ago
dev-ml dev-ml/ocaml-gettext: remove unused patch 6 days ago
dev-perl dev-perl/Class-Method-Modifiers: Stabilize 2.130.0 arm64, #753242 19 hours ago
dev-php dev-php/PEAR-Archive_Tar: Add ALLARCHES metadata tag 5 days ago
dev-python dev-python/pbr: amd64/arm64/arm/hppa/ppc64/ppc/s390/sparc/x86 stable (ALLARCHES policy) wrt bug #756574 5 hours ago
dev-qt dev-qt/qt-docs: 5.15.2_p202011130614 version bump 13 hours ago
dev-ros dev-ros/geometric_shapes: [QA] Inherit flag-o-matic.eclass explicitly 3 weeks ago
dev-ruby dev-ruby/loofah: amd64 stable 7 hours ago
dev-scheme dev-scheme/guile-json: bump up to 4.4.0 2 days ago
dev-tcltk dev-tcltk/tls: Version bump 3 days ago
dev-tex dev-tex/frakturx: Use eapi8-dosym.eclass for relative symlinks. 2 days ago
dev-texlive dev-texlive/texlive-langcjk: Stabilize 2020 arm64, #746692 1 month ago
dev-util dev-util/idea-community: Version bump, drop old 13 hours ago
dev-vcs dev-vcs/gitstats: remove old python2 versions 1 day ago
eclass qt5-build.eclass: Limit RDEPEND on qtchooser to Qt versions <5.15.2 13 hours ago
games-action games-action/0verkill: Port to EAPI 7 4 days ago
games-arcade games-arcade/xrick: Port to EAPI 7 3 days ago
games-board games-board/tali: bump to 3.38.2 3 days ago
games-emulation games-emulation/gens: Port to EAPI 7 4 days ago
games-engines games-engines/stratagus: Strip -Werror 3 days ago
games-fps games-fps/ut2003-data: RESTRICT bindist, fix SRC_URI, crash fix is MIT 2 days ago
games-kids games-kids/lletters: minor style change 1 month ago
games-misc games-misc/typespeed: drop 0.6.5-r1 1 week ago
games-mud games-mud/tf: drop old (or, rather, too new) 1 week ago
games-puzzle games-puzzle/xblockout: drop 1.1.6-r1 1 day ago
games-roguelike games-roguelike/stone-soup: remove unused patches 5 days ago
games-rpg games-rpg/daimonin-client: Port to EAPI 7 4 days ago
games-server games-server/bedrock-server: bump to version 6 days ago
games-simulation games-simulation/openrct2: subscribe to dev-lang/duktape subslot 1 week ago
games-sports games-sports/bygfoot: Port to EAPI 7 3 days ago
games-strategy games-strategy/freeciv: Fix path to Qt5 moc with qmake-utils.eclass 2 days ago
games-util games-util/etswitch: Port to EAPI 7 3 days ago
gnome-base gnome-base/gnome-shell: remove old 3 days ago
gnome-extra gnome-extra/gnome-shell-extensions: remove old 3 days ago
gnustep-apps gnustep-apps/simpleagenda: cleanup old EAPI 4 1 month ago
gnustep-base */*: [QA] Remove redundant <longdescription/>s 2 months ago
gnustep-libs */*: [QA] Remove redundant <longdescription/>s 2 months ago
gui-apps gui-apps/wf-shell: Stabilize 0.5.0 amd64, #752024 1 week ago
gui-libs gui-libs/wlroots: remove unused patch(es) 5 days ago
gui-wm gui-wm/wayfire: Stabilize 0.5.0 amd64, #752024 1 week ago
java-virtuals */*: [QA] Remove redundant <longdescription/>s 2 months ago
kde-apps kde-apps/kdebase-meta: Drop 20.04.3 18 hours ago
kde-frameworks kde-frameworks/kdelibs4support: Drop 5.76.0 (r0) 1 day ago
kde-misc kde-misc/kdeconnect: drop 20.04.3* 18 hours ago
kde-plasma kde-plasma/kwayland-server: update wayland-protocols DEPEND 6 days ago
licenses licenses/rpi-eeprom: new license for rpi-eeprom 7 hours ago
lxde-base lxde-base/lxpanel: Remove USE=X gdk-pixbuf dependency 2 weeks ago
lxqt-base lxqt-base/lxqt-meta: add version 0.16.0 3 days ago
mail-client mail-client/mutt: ppc64 stable wrt bug #755866 5 hours ago
mail-filter mail-filter/pyzor: drop to ~hppa 2 days ago
mail-mta mail-mta/protonmail-bridge-bin: 1.5.2 version bump 13 hours ago
mate-base mate-base/mate-settings-daemon: Fix manifest 2 months ago
mate-extra mate-extra/mate-screensaver: remove consolekit support 1 month ago
media-fonts media-fonts/ja-ipafonts: x86 stable (bug #749477) 18 hours ago
media-gfx media-gfx/kgraphviewer: Stabilize 2.4.3-r1 arm64, #753242 19 hours ago
media-libs media-libs/dav1d: ppc64 stable wrt bug #756376 5 hours ago
media-plugins media-plugins/kodi-pvr-vuplus: Cleanup old version 22 hours ago
media-radio media-radio/KochMorse: Set to maintainer-needed 4 days ago
media-sound media-sound/upmpdcli: Bump to 1.5.2 12 hours ago
media-tv media-tv/kodi: Cleanup old versions 5 days ago
media-video media-video/smplayer: Latest media-video/mpv made libass non-optional 2 days ago
metadata 2020-11-26 07:05:32 UTC 5 hours ago
net-analyzer net-analyzer/nmap: ppc64 stable wrt bug #756271 1 day ago
net-dialup net-dialup/freeradius: Support alternate log path in initscript 2 weeks ago
net-dns net-dns/pdns-recursor: Version bump to 4.4.1 15 hours ago
net-firewall net-firewall/ipset: bump to v7.9 4 days ago
net-fs net-fs/davfs2: bump to 1.6.0 1 day ago
net-ftp net-ftp/lftp: remove unused patches 1 week ago
net-im net-im/zoom: Install bundled libs for Qt and icu by default. 1 day ago
net-irc net-irc/konversation: Drop 1.7.5-r2 18 hours ago
net-libs net-libs/srt: bump to 1.4.2 15 hours ago
net-mail net-mail/dovecot: fix assert crash when searching 3 days ago
net-misc net-misc/youtube-viewer: update gdk-pixbuf dep 8 hours ago
net-nds net-nds/openldap: Version bump (v2.4.56) 4 days ago
net-news net-news/newsboat: Stabilize 2.20.1 amd64, #751208 3 weeks ago
net-nntp net-nntp/pan: bump to 0.146 4 days ago
net-p2p net-p2p/nicotine+: 2.1.2 version bump 13 hours ago
net-print net-print/dymo-cups-drivers: QA fix USE underscore 1 day ago
net-proxy net-proxy/haproxy: Version bump to 2.3.1 1 week ago
net-voip net-voip/telepathy-haze: Remove last-rited pkg 1 month ago
net-vpn net-vpn/openvpn-2.5.0-r1: Add patch to fix libressl (bug #651228) 10 hours ago
net-wireless net-wireless/gqrx: bump to 2.14 1 day ago
perl-core */*: downgrade m68k down to ~m68k 7 months ago
profiles Merge updates from master 13 hours ago
ros-meta ros-meta/perception_pcl: Bump to 1.7.2. 1 month ago
sci-astronomy sci-astronomy/stellarium: stabilize 0.20.3 on x86 2 weeks ago
sci-biology sci-biology/embassy-emnu: Patch out -L/usr/lib for LLD 3 weeks ago
sci-calculators sci-calculators/galculator: Port to EAPI 7 3 days ago
sci-chemistry sci-chemistry/mopac7: update Makefile 4 days ago
sci-electronics sci-electronics/alliance: Remove last-rited package 3 days ago
sci-geosciences sci-geosciences/grass: version bump 7.8.4 1 day ago
sci-libs sci-libs/pyshp: Version bump 2 days ago
sci-mathematics sci-mathematics/cgal: new maintainer 6 days ago
sci-misc sci-misc/gato: Remove last-rited pkg 1 month ago
sci-physics sci-physics/geant-data: fix metadata.xml formatting 6 days ago
sci-visualization sci-visualization/paraview: Really drop QT_SELECT this time 19 hours ago
scripts scripts/ Fix copyright years in output. 5 months ago
sec-policy sec-policy/apparmor-profiles: remove bogus version bump 1 day ago
sys-apps sys-apps/bat: remove old 0.17.0 1 day ago
sys-auth sys-auth/fingerprint-gui: Remove last-rited package 1 week ago
sys-block sys-block/cec: port to EAPI 7 18 hours ago
sys-boot sys-boot/raspberrypi-firmware: QA & style fixups 3 days ago
sys-cluster sys-cluster/kubernetes: remove last-rited package 16 hours ago
sys-devel sys-devel/automake: s390 stable wrt bug #725354 2 days ago
sys-fabric sys-fabric/libmlx5: disable static libs and Werror 1 week ago
sys-firmware sys-firmware/raspberrypi-wifi-ucode: tiny post-merge changes 7 hours ago
sys-fs sys-fs/lsscsi: remove accidentally added ebuild 13 hours ago
sys-kernel sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: ppc64 stable wrt bug #754219 5 hours ago
sys-libs sys-libs/pam: Drop old 17 hours ago
sys-power sys-power/nvram-wakeup: Remove last-rited package 3 days ago
sys-process sys-process/criu-3.15: Version bump 1 day ago
virtual virtual/rust: x86 stable (bug #756769) 11 hours ago
www-apache www-apache/passenger: add 6.0.7 6 days ago
www-apps www-apps/gitea: Remove old ebuild. 1 day ago
www-client www-client/firefox: fix screen sharing for non-US users 13 hours ago
www-misc www-misc/monitorix: x86 stable (bug #755500) 6 days ago
www-plugins www-plugins/pdfjs: drop old 2 days ago
www-servers www-servers/tomcat: bump to 7.0.107 1 day ago
x11-apps x11-apps/xprop: Version bump to 1.2.5 6 days ago
x11-base x11-base/xcb-proto: Version bump to 1.14.1 1 month ago
x11-drivers x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers: revbumps to adjust gdk-pixbuf dep 1 week ago
x11-libs x11-libs/libxkbcommon: Version bump to 1.0.3 19 hours ago
x11-misc x11-misc/menulibre: Drop old versions 8 hours ago
x11-plugins x11-plugins/purple-libnotify-plus: port to EAPI 7 18 hours ago
x11-terms x11-terms/kitty-terminfo: bump to 0.19.2 1 day ago
x11-themes x11-themes/arc-theme: Drop old 2 days ago
x11-wm x11-wm/sawfish: update gdk-pixbuf dep 8 hours ago
xfce-base xfce-base/xfconf: stable 4.14.4 for ppc64 3 days ago
xfce-extra xfce-extra/xfce4-sensors-plugin: Fix build with gcc-10 6 days ago
.gitignore Merge eclass/.gitignore into the top-level one. 3 years ago
header.txt update year 11 months ago
skel.ebuild skel.ebuild: Happy new year 2020! 10 months ago
skel.metadata.xml skel.metadata.xml: indent, add content to longdescription 7 months ago