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Patrick Ruddy ddbc1b4dd9
Merge pull request #8199 from taspelund/evpn_stats
15 hours ago
.github .github: improve bug report template 4 months ago
alpine alpine: Remove old docker deps for alpine 4 months ago
babeld *: remove tabs & newlines from log messages 2 weeks ago
bfdd *: fix format string SNAFUs 2 weeks ago
bgpd bgpd: fix bgp statistics for l2vpn evpn 23 hours ago
debian debian: work around NetDef CI missing lua packages 2 months ago
doc doc: fix link for python2 1 day ago
docker docker: centos 7, 8 yang bump and repo fixes 1 month ago
eigrpd Merge pull request #7987 from donaldsharp/eigrp_mtu_correct 1 month ago
fpm *: Replace `sizeof something` to sizeof(something) 1 year ago
gdb bgpd: Convert binfo to path 2 years ago
grpc lib: don't ignore error messages generated during the commit apply phase 6 months ago
include zebra: move from NDA_NOTIFY to NDA_FDB_EXT_ATTRS 2 months ago
isisd isisd: handle corner case involving TI-LFA and the SR No-PHP flag 6 days ago
ldpd ldpd: fix sporadic failures in the ldp-topo1 topotest 1 month ago
lib Merge pull request #8175 from mjstapp/fix_printfrr_nulls 2 days ago
m4 build: find all future minor versions of python3 7 months ago
mlag zebra: Do not build mlag protobuf support if version 3 is not avail 1 year ago
nhrpd nhrpd: Fix clang SA about null deref 2 weeks ago
ospf6d ospf6d: Json support added for command "show ipv6 ospf6 spf tree [json]" 2 days ago
ospfclient lib/xref: put setup calls in libraries 1 month ago
ospfd ospfd: don't rely on instance existence in vty 1 week ago
pathd pathd: add meaningful names to threads 1 month ago
pbrd *: remove tabs & newlines from log messages 2 weeks ago
pimd pimd: correctly get interface name for error message 23 hours ago
pkgsrc *: cleanup .gitignore files 2 years ago
python *: reformat python files 4 months ago
qpb build: add LLVM bitcode targets 10 months ago
redhat pathd: New SR-TE policy management daemon 2 months ago
ripd ripd: #if 0 we know what you are up to. 1 month ago
ripngd ripngd: Remove #if 0 code 1 month ago
sharpd sharpd: don't send invalid nexthop-groups to zebra 1 month ago
snapcraft snapcraft: Update rtrlib to 0.7.0 1 month ago
staticd Merge pull request #8095 from idryzhov/fix-nb-stale-pointers 1 week ago
tests Merge pull request #8190 from gromit1811/fix_topotest_pylint 1 day ago
tools Merge pull request #7942 from donaldsharp/rpki_reload_fix 2 weeks ago
vrrpd *: remove tabs & newlines from log messages 2 weeks ago
vtysh Merge pull request #8073 from idryzhov/vtysh-show-config 3 days ago
watchfrr watchfrr: fix SA warning 1 month ago
yang isisd: Fix Attach-bit processing 1 month ago
zebra Merge pull request #8152 from idryzhov/fix-zebra-blackhole 2 days ago
.clang-format clang-format: add FOREACH_SAFI to the ForEachMacros list 7 months ago
.dir-locals.el tools: fix emacs configuration file 1 year ago
.dockerignore docker: Make docker image on CentOS 7 1 year ago
.git-blame-ignore-revs *: Add another commit to .git-blame-ignore-revs 2 weeks ago
.gitignore Revert "debian: Adjust to use native debian/changelog" 3 months ago
COPYING *: make consistent & update GPLv2 file headers 3 years ago
COPYING-LGPLv2.1 build: remove LGPL v2.0, add LGPL v2.1 4 years ago pathd: New SR-TE policy management daemon 2 months ago doc: Update Documentation to note Solaris Unsupported status 5 months ago autoreconf -i 14 years ago config: switch a few references to say FRR 3 years ago Revert "debian: Adjust to use native debian/changelog" 3 months ago build: carry --with-pkg-extra-version into tarballs 2 years ago build: detect ICC, only try ICC options if ICC 2 weeks ago Initial revision 18 years ago



FRR is free software that implements and manages various IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols. It runs on nearly all distributions of Linux and BSD and supports all modern CPU architectures.

FRR currently supports the following protocols:

  • BGP
  • OSPFv2
  • OSPFv3
  • RIPv1
  • RIPv2
  • RIPng
  • IS-IS
  • LDP
  • BFD
  • Babel
  • PBR
  • OpenFabric
  • VRRP
  • EIGRP (alpha)
  • NHRP (alpha)

Installation & Use

For source tarballs, see the releases page.

For Debian and its derivatives, use the APT repository at

Instructions on building and installing from source for supported platforms may be found in the developer docs.

Once installed, please refer to the user guide for instructions on use.


The FRRouting email list server is located here and offers the following public lists:

Topic List
Users & Operators

For chat, we currently use Slack. You can join by clicking the "Slack" link under the Participate section of our website.


FRR maintains developer's documentation which contains the project workflow and expectations for contributors. Some technical documentation on project internals is also available.

We welcome and appreciate all contributions, no matter how small!


To report security issues, please use our security mailing list:

security [at]