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Gentoo Overlay Repository for Icinga2 related stuff (mainly check plugins)

QA-Status: pkgcheck ShellCheck


in its current form this repo hosts ebuilds for a handful of icinga2 check plugins (and, if necessary, their dependencies) that I found useful for myself. I will also provide command definitions for icinga2, if necessary (i.e. the plugin isn't already in the icinga2 ITL)

In rare cases these ebuilds also include templates for icingaweb2-modules-graphite (see net-analyzer/check_haproxy as an example).

There are also a few icingaweb2-modules in category www-apps.

I try to have these ebuilds as current to upstream as possible. In the near future I want to have a bot doing most of the maintenance stuff (like bumping ebuilds on new releases) For this, I have build a bot that does most of the (unstable) version bumping

If you think there is an check plugin missing, please file an Issue or (much more appreciated) a pull request at Github.

Adding the overlay

Official list


If you are using Layman, execute:

layman -a icinga


If you are using eselect-repository, execute:

eselect repository enable icinga

using the profile

This repo provides profiles selectable via "eselect profile" for default USE-Flags and masking/unmasking different packages. Take a look at profiles/icinga/ for details.

eselect profile list
[xx]  icinga:default/linux/amd64/17.1/icinga (stable)

eselect profile select icinga:default/linux/amd64/17.1/icinga

You can also use this profile as basis for your own profile. (see

# make new repository
eselect repository create <repo_name>

# we must use 'portage-2' format so 'parent' can be easily set to other repos
echo "profile-formats = portage-2" >> /var/db/repos/<repo_name>/metadata/layout.conf

# create new profile
mkdir /var/db/repos/<repo_name>/profiles/<profile_name>
echo 7 > /var/db/repos/<repo_name>/profiles/<profile_name>/eapi

# set parent to mix and match your needs
echo "gentoo:default/linux/amd64/17.1" >/var/db/repos/<repo_name>/profiles/<profile_name>/parent
# include icinga defaults
echo "icinga:icinga" >> /var/db/repos/<repo_name>/profiles/<profile_name>/parent

# make it known to 'eselect profile'
echo -e "amd64\t<profile_name>\tstable" >> /var/db/repos/<repo_name>/profiles/profiles.desc

# select the new profile
eselect profile list
eselect profile set '<repo_name>:<profile_name>'

# don't forget to 'emerge world' for the changed USE-Flags

Submitting an Issue

Ebuild error

the issue tracker is located in my GitHub repository. If an ebuild appears to produce an error, please report it there.


I appreciate and encourage for contribution. If you want a specific package or want to create a package for me to maintain, please make a pull request.


  • automatically generate new ebuilds (marked as unstable) if upstream releases new version
  • provide a meta-ebuild that installs haproxy/apache/php/mariadb/graphite/grafana with example config and documentation. The goal here is to provide an "easy" installation for a running icinga2 instance in Gentoo