2918 Commits (dev)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mark Dietzer 24a5325db3
Declare arch_get_cpu_cycle_count for esp8266 as IRAM (#2843) 10 hours ago
Yuval Brik 1ec3140759
ESP32 Deep Sleep: correct level value (#2812) 10 hours ago
Oxan van Leeuwen ca8db7696e
Don't enable namespace comment clang-tidy check twice (#2830) 15 hours ago
Oxan van Leeuwen c9190574a9
Fix CI check for Windows line endings (#2831) 15 hours ago
Oxan van Leeuwen bfeb0b3639
Add problem matcher for Python formatting errors (#2833) 15 hours ago
Oxan van Leeuwen cbc1334b8d
Fix compile warning in Tuya automations (#2837) 15 hours ago
mechanarchy 08cbb97ec9
Allow Git credentials to be loaded from secrets (#2825) 15 hours ago
Jesse Hills 5719cc1a24
Bump esphome-dashboard to 20211201.0 (#2842) 15 hours ago
Jesse Hills d9513e5ff2
Number mode (#2838) 24 hours ago
puuu b5a0e8b2c0
Implement unit_of_measurement for number component (#2804) 1 day ago
Jesse Hills b32b918936
Button device class (#2835) 1 day ago
dependabot[bot] 0f47ffd908
Bump aioesphomeapi from 10.2.0 to 10.6.0 (#2840) 1 day ago
Carlos Garcia Saura cd018ad3a5
Burst read for BME280, to reduce spurious spikes (#2809) 1 day ago
Adrián Panella 24dfecb6f0
cse7766: add energy sensor (#2822) 1 day ago
Oxan van Leeuwen ab027a6ae2
Fix too-broad matcher for custom CI script (#2829) 1 day ago
Keith Burzinski 556d071e7f
Fix 8266 SPI Clock Polarity Setting (#2836) 2 days ago
dentra 939fb313df
Tuya text_sensor and raw data usage (#1812) 2 days ago
Jesse Hills b5639a6472
Add support for button entities (#2824) 2 days ago
definitio f50e40e0b8
Fix custom mode_state_topic (#2827) 2 days ago
mechanarchy 6f07421911
Optionally show internal components on the web server (#2627) 2 days ago
Maurice Makaay adf48246a9
Improve DSMR read timeout handling (#2699) 2 days ago
anatoly-savchenkov cae283dc86
Fixed data type inside fast_random_8() routine (#2818) 3 days ago
Conclusio 7afcb0fb04
Add delay to improve stability (#2793) 3 days ago
Dave T 10f830c3ef
Correct bitmask for third color (blue) scaling. (#2817) 3 days ago
Carlos Garcia Saura 7a5c3aa7ed
Fix compilation error for WPA enterprise in ESP-IDF (#2815) 3 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 2b50406856
Fix parsing of multiple values in EZO sensor (#2814) 3 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 10a2a7e0fc
Fix parsing numbers in Anova (#2816) 3 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 7a564b222d
Make clang-tidy suggest stdint.h int types (#2820) 3 days ago
Maurice Makaay 671d68bc2c
Add missing nvs_flash_init() to ESP32 preferences code (#2805) 5 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 5946c37925
Fix usage of deprecated climate method in anova (#2801) 5 days ago
Martin 17a37b1de9
Modbus_controller: Add custom command. (#2680) 6 days ago
Adrián Panella e7827a6997
total_daily_energy: allow to disable restore mode (#2795) 6 days ago
Jesse Hills 2347e043a9
Cancel previous workflows for PRs and branches (#2800) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 00965fe19e
Consistently format errors in CI scripts (#2762) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 9681dfb458
Correct constant for dynamic I2S bus in NeoPixelBus (#2797) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 5e631bc6ba
Only match GCC warnings from ESPHome source files in CI (#2756) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen b5f660398c
Add map filter for text sensors (#2761) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen d50bdf619f
Cache virtualenv instead of pip cache between CI runs (#2759) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 4e448b21ff
Drop obsolete comment from CI workflow file (#2758) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 2a78c2970d
Fix CI cache key for test3.yaml compile (#2757) 6 days ago
Oxan van Leeuwen 3637be251e
Fix parsing numbers from null-terminated buffers (#2755) 6 days ago
dependabot[bot] 2aea27d272
Bump pylint from 2.11.1 to 2.12.1 (#2798) 6 days ago
Maurice Makaay ceb9b1d1ff
Allow empty UART debug: option, logging in hex format by default (#2771) 7 days ago
Martin ccfa1e23f0
Add support for sdp8xx (#2779) 7 days ago
rsumner 290da8df2d
Fix LEDC resolution calculation on ESP32-C3/S2/S3 (#2794) 7 days ago
Martin 4b1d73791d
remove LEDC_HIGH_SPEED_MODE for C3, S2, S3 (#2791) 7 days ago
Jesse Hills 7e8012c1a0
Allow specifying the dashboard bind address (#2787) 1 week ago
Maurice Makaay 15cd602e8b
Add support for P1 Data Request pin control (#2676) 1 week ago
krunkel 598f5b241f
Remove unnecessary write in AHT10 update (#2675) 1 week ago
dependabot[bot] 335e69e6cd
Bump black from 21.10b0 to 21.11b1 (#2760) 1 week ago