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QtDMM 0.8.6 (c) 2001-2005 M.Toussaint

QtDMM is a simple DMM readout software including a configurable transient 
recorder. A friend of mine asked me  for a DMM readout software for Linux 
because he didn't want to use  the MS-Windows version which came with the 
multimeter. To help  him out I wrote this little piece of software.
The transient recorder features manual start, scheduled start (at a given 
time) and  triggered automatic  start when given  thresholds are reached.

If you call QtDMM  with the commandline option --console it  will display
some debug output. This might (or hight not :) help resolve problems.

It was written  for Metex (and compatible like VOLTCRAFT)  multimeter and
is known to work with the following DMM's:

    Digitech     QM1350
    ELV          M9803R
    MASTECH      M9803R
    McVoice      M-980T
    Metex        M-3660D
    Metex        M-3830D
    Metex        M-3850D
    Metex        M-3850M
    Metex        ME-11
    Metex        ME-22
    Metex        ME-32
    Metex        ME-42
    Metex        Universal system 9160
    PeakTech     4010
    PeakTech     4390
    PeakTech     451
    Radioshack   22-805 DMM
    Radioshack   RS22-168A
    Voltcraft    M-3650D
    Voltcraft    M-4660
    Voltcraft    ME-11
    Voltcraft    ME-22T
    Voltcraft    ME-32
    Voltcraft    VC 670
    Voltcraft    VC 820
    Voltcraft    VC 840
    Voltcraft    VC 920
    Voltcraft    VC 940

The following models should work but need to be confirmed by a user:

    Voltcraft    ME-42
    Voltcraft    M-3860
    Voltcraft    M-4660A
    Voltcraft    M-4660M
    Voltcraft    MXD-4660A
    Voltcraft    VC 630
    Voltcraft    VC 650
    Voltcraft    VC 670

If you manage to  get QtDMM working  with a  digital multimeter different 
from the mentioned  above, or if you can confirm  one of the  unconfirmed
models please give a note. For a new multimeter the best would be sending
me a saved configuration file.

QtDMM is kind of "works for me" software. I'm using it, I like it the way 
it is  and it seems  to be quite stable. It still needs some improvements 
but does it's job quite well.

QtDMM is distributed under the GNU Public License, version 2.

The tab size of the sourcefiles is 2 

-- 19/12/2011
   Matthias Toussaint