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# News, changes and migration by RouterOS Scripts
# Copyright (c) 2019-2021 Christian Hesse <>
# Changes for global-config to be added to notification on script updates
:global GlobalConfigChanges {
1="Moved variables from 'global-config' to 'global-functions' for independence";
2="Variable names became CamelCase to work around scripting issues";
3="Variable for certificate renew passphrase became an array to support multiple passphrases";
4="Added option to ignore global-config changes";
5="Split off new script 'cloud-backup' from 'email-backup'";
6="Introduced script 'upload-backup' with new configuration parameters";
7="Introduced script 'check-health' with new configuration parameters";
8="Added donation hint and option to silence it";
9="Introduced configuration overlay 'global-config-overlay'";
10="Made health threshold for voltage configurable";
11="Introduced function '\$ScriptInstallUpdate' to install new and update existing scripts";
12="Removed '\$ScriptUpdatesConfigChangesIgnore', comment '\$GlobalConfigVersion' in 'global-config-overlay' to disable change notifications";
13="Configuration for script 'bridge-port-to-default' changed with new syntax in comment";
14="Dropped script 'script-updates', use '\$ScriptInstallUpdate' exclusively!";
15="New documentation is online!";
16="Happy with RouterOS Scripts and have a GitHub and/or GitLab account? Please star!";
17="Introduced script 'early-errors'";
18=("Added a simple IP calculation function, try: \$IPCalc " . [ / ip address get ([ find ]->0) address ]);
19="Commenting scripts with 'ignore', 'base-url=...' and 'url-suffix=...' is honored on update";
20="Added support for hooks to 'netwatch-notify'";
21="Added support for installing patch updates automatically by 'check-routeros-update'";
22="Dropped '\$ScriptUpdatesIgnore' from global configuration, auto-migrating to ignore flag in comment"
23="Added 'log-forward' with configurable filter, which replaces 'early-errors'";
24="Made symbols in notifications configurable.";
25="Added support for DHCP server name in DNS FQDN via '\$ServerNameInZone'";
26="Made check count threshold in 'netwatch-notify' configurable.";
27="Added queue for Telegram notifications to resend later on error.";
28="Made 'dhcp-to-dns' act on all bound leases, not just dynamic ones.";
29="Added filter on log message text for 'log-forward'.";
30="Implemented simple rate limit for 'log-forward' to prevent flooding.";
31="Switched Telegram notifications to fixed-width font, with opt-out.";
32="Merged mode (& reset) button scripts in single new script 'mode-button'.";
33="Added configurable deviation on health temperature recovery threshold against notification flooding.";
34="Introduced script 'ospf-to-leds' to visualize OSPF instance state via LEDs.";
35="Implemented visual feedback for 'mode-button' with configurable LED.";
36="Added support for installing updates automatically if seen in neighbor list.";
37="Implemented simple dependency model in 'netwatch-notify'.";
38="Imported new Let's Encrypt intermediate certificate 'R3'.";
39="Added support for interface specific address list entries in 'ipv6-update'.";
40="Made the certificate renewal time configurable.";
41="Implemented migration mechanism for script updates.";
42="Made severity in terminal output colorful, with opt-out.";
43="Added queue for e-mail notifications to resend later on error.";
44="Dropped script 'global-wait', all scripts wait on their own now.";
45="We have a Telegram Group! Come along and say hello:";
46="Added configurable random delay in backup scripts to stretch execution and prevent resource congestion.";
47="Removed obsolete intermediate certificate 'Let's Encrypt Authority X3' from store.";
48="Added support for overriding e-mail and Telegram settings for every script.";
49="Dropped '\$EmailBackupTo' & '\$EmailBackupCc' from configuration, use settings override if required.";
50="Added support for dynamic address update in 'netwatch-notify'.";
51="Added 'ipsec-to-dns' to add DNS records for IPSec peers from mode-config.";
52="Updated Let's Encrypt trust chain to use root certificate 'ISRG Root X1'. Do not re-import the old chain!";
53="Added support to send notifications via Matrix.";
54="Support for Telegram notifications moved to a module. It is installed automatically if required.";
55="Added reverse logic in 'log-forward', so messages can be included even if filtered before.";
56="Added tags in all backup, lease and ppp-on-up scripts. These are used by 'packages-update', 'lease-script' and 'ppp-on-up' to find the scripts.";
57="Celebrating the 1.000th commit - Hooray!";
58="Added a cleanup script for 'hotspot-to-wpa' to purge old access list entries.";
59="Updating CAP with 'check-routeros-update' is now possible with opt-in.";
60="Implemented a pre-down hook in 'netwatch-notify' that fires at two thirds of failed checks.";
61="Finally removed old scripts.";
# Migration steps to be applied on script updates
:global GlobalConfigMigration {
41=":global SendNotification; \$SendNotification (\"Migration mechanism\") (\"Congratulations!\nSuccessfully tested the new migration mechanism.\");";
47="/ certificate remove [ find where fingerprint=\"731d3d9cfaa061487a1d71445a42f67df0afca2a6c2d2f98ff7b3ce112b1f568\" or fingerprint=\"25847d668eb4f04fdd40b12b6b0740c567da7d024308eb6c2c96fe41d9de218d\" ];";
52=":global CertificateDownload; :if ([ :len [ / certificate find where fingerprint=\"67add1166b020ae61b8f5fc96813c04c2aa589960796865572a3c7e737613dfd\" or fingerprint=\"96bcec06264976f37460779acf28c5a7cfe8a3c0aae11a8ffcee05c0bddf08c6\" ] ] < 2) do={ \$CertificateDownload \"R3\"; }; / certificate remove [ find where fingerprint=\"0687260331a72403d909f105e69bcf0d32e1bd2493ffc6d9206d11bcd6770739\" ];";
54=":global ScriptInstallUpdate; :global TelegramTokenId; :global TelegramChatId; :if ([ :len \$TelegramTokenId ] > 0 && [ :len \$TelegramChatId ] > 0) do={ \$ScriptInstallUpdate global-functions.d/notification-telegram; }";
61="/ system script remove [ find where name~\"^(early-errors|global-wait|mode-button-(event|scheduler)|script-updates)\\\$\" source~\"^#!rsc by RouterOS\\n\" ];";