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<!-- Metadata for a category -->
<!ELEMENT catmetadata ( (longdescription)* )>
<!ATTLIST catmetadata pkgname CDATA "">
<!-- Metadata for a package -->
<!ELEMENT pkgmetadata ( (maintainer|longdescription|slots|stabilize-allarches|use|upstream)* )>
<!ATTLIST pkgmetadata pkgname CDATA "">
<!-- One tag for each maintainer of a package, multiple allowed-->
<!ELEMENT maintainer (email|name|description)+>
<!-- type attribute determines whether the maintainer is a person or a project.
Unknown is added to handle <maintainer/>s in <upstream/>s. Using it (or no
explicit type) for Gentoo maintainers is prohibited. -->
<!ATTLIST maintainer type (person|project|unknown) "unknown">
<!-- A long description of the package in freetext-->
<!ELEMENT longdescription (#PCDATA|pkg|cat)* >
<!-- A description of the packages SLOTs -->
<!ELEMENT slots ((slot)*,subslots?) >
<!-- A particular SLOT -->
<!ELEMENT slot (#PCDATA)* >
<!-- name attribute holds the name of the SLOT, for sub-SLOTS
use the subslots element. A slot name of '*' can be used to
indicate a single description applying to all the slots in which
case no other <slot/> elements may be present. -->
<!-- The meaning of sub-SLOTs for the whole package -->
<!ELEMENT subslots (#PCDATA)* >
<!-- whether it's possible to stabilize ALLARCHES -->
<!ELEMENT stabilize-allarches EMPTY>
<!-- description of what this USE flag does for this package -->
<!ELEMENT use (flag)* >
<!ELEMENT flag (#PCDATA|pkg|cat)* >
<!-- name attribute holds the name of the USE flag -->
<!-- upstream metadata information (maintainers, upstream docs,..) -->
<!ELEMENT upstream (maintainer|changelog|doc|bugs-to|remote-id)* >
<!-- Due to the limitation of DTD this will also allow a status
attribute for the package maintainer element. Please note that
the usage of the status attribute is nevertheless _only_ allowed
in the upstream maintainer element. -->
<!ATTLIST maintainer status (active|inactive|unknown) "unknown" >
<!-- URL where the upstream changelog can be found -->
<!ELEMENT changelog (#PCDATA)>
<!-- URL where the location of the upstream documentation can be found -->
<!ATTLIST doc lang CDATA "en" >
<!-- location where to report bugs
(may also be an email address prefixed with mailto:) -->
<!ELEMENT bugs-to (#PCDATA)>
<!-- specify a type of package identification tracker -->
<!ELEMENT remote-id (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST remote-id type (bitbucket|cpan|cpan-module|cpe|cran|ctan|freecode|freshmeat|gentoo|github|gitlab|gitorious|google-code|launchpad|pear|pecl|pypi|rubyforge|rubygems|sourceforge|sourceforge-jp|vim) #REQUIRED>
<!-- category/package information for cross-linking in descriptions
and useflag descriptions -->
<!-- Common attributes -->
<!-- the lang attribute, specifies the language of this tag in the
form of a ISO 639-1 language code. This is only useful for
descriptions of various kinds. If a tag with this attribute is
included there must be a description in the default language "en" -->
<!ATTLIST description lang CDATA "en" >
<!ATTLIST longdescription lang CDATA "en" >
<!ATTLIST slots lang CDATA "en" >
<!ATTLIST use lang CDATA "en" >
<!-- The restrict attribute, this attribute specifies restrictions on
the applicability of tags on versions. The format of this attribute is
equal to the format of DEPEND lines in ebuilds. Only package
dependency specifications conforming to EAPI=0 syntax are allowed.
The dependency specification may only contain references to the
package itself and no other package.
For required tags, there must be either an unrestricted version, or a
version that is default restricted. -->
<!ATTLIST maintainer restrict CDATA #IMPLIED >
<!ATTLIST longdescription restrict CDATA #IMPLIED >
<!ATTLIST flag restrict CDATA #IMPLIED >
<!ATTLIST stabilize-allarches restrict CDATA #IMPLIED >
<!-- standard parts -->
<!-- an email address -->
<!ELEMENT email (#PCDATA) >
<!-- the name of a person (maintainer, contributor) -->
<!ELEMENT name (#PCDATA) >
<!-- A description of a maintainer or change -->
<!ELEMENT description (#PCDATA) >